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Summertime Hands-on Recording!
-Memories of Producing Music –

summerrec2013sOur cameras followed the production of original music onsite by pianist, composer and arranger Mr. Hiroyuki Asakawa; featuring the special participation of cellist Mr. Hiroki Kashiwagi and percussionist Ms. Saori Sendo!

From composing on the iPad, to arranging the score on notation creation software Sibelius 7, to displaying the score through the iPad score display app piaScore, to recording using Pro Tools 11 HD, the Digital Audio Workstation… We venture into producing music with these convenient tools!

With unique ideas and the latest technologies, we present to you the process of recording from creating the motif to the releasing music in a humorous, easy-to-understand YouTube video!

The music will be available for download via TuneCore Japan from September 27, 2013!